Monday, June 14, 2010

Monatomic Gold Powder: Monotomic and Modern Alchemy

Alchemy. Where to begin? First off, the idea that Alchemy was and is about turning base metal(lead) into gold is false! The ancient Alchemists cooked up this cover story to hide the true nature of their craft, so as to avoid persecution. The true nature of Alchemy is to aid the spiritual ascension process through certain esoteric practices and the ingestion of specially prepared "elixirs." FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK HERE These elixirs have been discovered in modern times to be combinations of various metals/minerals in a form known as "ORMUS," or Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements, aka monotomic gold. The Ancient Egyptians used "white powder of gold," or monatomic gold powder to aid in their spiritual progress. It was said that an initiate could, after some time of spiritual practice and ingesting the "shemannah," or monotomic walk across into the afterlife realm, WITHOUT the need for physical "death." In other words, in alchemical terms "transmuting" the physical body into "lightbody," entering the higher etheric realms in full consious awareness. This is the true meaning of alchemical transmutation. Transcending the limited human ego, and expanding spiritually into the awsome glory of godlike creative ability. This process can be aided and greatly accelarated through the ingestion of ORMUS, monatomic gold powder, or monotomic. ORMUS monotomic has been shown in studies to synchronize both brain hemispheres, repair DNA, and lead to increased feelings of wellbeing. Personally, my experience with monatomic gold powder has been more energy throughout the day, greater emotional stability, heightened self-awareness, and more vivid dreams. Things seem to just "click" more easily and often, sometimes surprised with instantaneous manifestation of thoughts into physical "reality." For more info: CLICK HERE